What is Tout Petits

Tout Petits is French. It means something like ‘everything small’. We interpret it as something small for the big people. Everything for the small people. Everything little. With small steps we want to make a difference. The 1% method.

What we stand for


We have 3 pillars on which we have organized what you can find here. Inspire. Create. Play.

Who we are

The Founders
Annemieke Groeneveld
Annemieke GroeneveldFounder, The Creative one

I’ve always had a very deep interest in and love for kids and everything around them; toys, clothes, furniture, plays, education. I studied MDGO (Health Education Service) with focus on childcare after which I au-paired a couple of months in France, and on my return starting to work at a Childcare Center…

After 7 years of working as a Childcare Center Leader, I quit and focussed on my family and with small steps starting my own business and brand; defining the focus area’s and think of what I wanted to bring the world and could make a difference and excel.

My talent and focus is intuitive combining /matching/organizing colours, light, forms, textures, patterns, objects, …; creating the perfect\ match and ambiance. My language is Creativity.

Annemieke has a tough job combining her passions with everything around and about kids and the ‘daily management’. She has been married to Erwin for 21 years now. Together they have 5 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats and a guinea pig.

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(Paul) Erwin Groeneveld
(Paul) Erwin GroeneveldCo-Founder, The Organizing one

As a kid I dreamed of being an astronaut; guarding our planet from above, and after my daily shift returning home to my family. When I was about 10 years old I thought it would be more reachable if I’d become a fighter pilot. I’ve always loved technology and design, Imagineering as Disney calls it J, so in my teen years, besides flying aircrafts and spaceships, I became interested in designing; products, cars, aircraft, buildings…

A couple of college years in Aeronautical Engineering, followed by Build Engineering/Architecture could not ‘get’ me. So when I met Annemieke during my college years I started my own IT company and we started our family.

Through different businesses and managing positions in IT, Marketing, Operations and consulting I became Quality and Sustainability-aware and of my true talents and interests and the drive to guide others with what I have learned and experienced for them to grow to their full potential.

And that is where my focus is now and needs to be.’

Erwin is designing and building/prototyping new products with his kids in his spare time, and passing on his knowledge and experience, guiding people, departments and companies and hopes to build their own designed house soon, while learning to fly.

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