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Tout Petits Boutique opening hours

Kerkstraat 45-46, 6811 DM, Arnhem, 7straatjes, The Netherlands

Monday: closed
Tuesday to Saturday : 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

*openinghours can be adjusted daily adjusted to the situation

Tout Petits Webshop opening hours

Duiven, The Netherlands

Same hours as our store-hours


Can I exchange my purchase?2018-02-08T16:21:40+01:00

Yes of course! Just follow the return procedure within 14 days after purchase
and indicate in your new order that you want to exchange. We will then settle
any differences in the order and send you your new article again after
receiving the return. You do pay shipping costs again.

Can I cancel my order?2018-02-08T16:28:52+01:00

Yes of course! Send us an email and we cancel the order and refund the
money paid. If we have already processed the order, please consult our
return procedure.

My order has been canceled; why?2018-02-08T19:26:20+01:00

Sometimes we can not deliver and we have to cancel an order. We never do that without e-mailing you more information. The most common reasons are: that the stock is up, also from our suppliers, or that the address details are unclear or incorrect.

When do I receive my order?2018-02-08T19:28:51+01:00

We try to keep everything we offer on the website in stock; you can also see this in the stock status per article. We try to send the same day of your approved order. We will keep you informed via e-mail. You can also track your order through your account. You will receive an e-mail when your order is shipped.

What are the shipping costs?2018-02-08T19:35:56+01:00

There we have a handy calculator for the webshop. Often we offer, depending on the address, variants that also make a difference.

Can the order be collected?2018-02-08T19:37:45+01:00

Absolutely! Do make an appointment; we are not always available …

What are your sales conditions?2018-02-08T19:39:19+01:00

Use our search function for a moment; there you can find them

Do you also have gift vouchers?2018-02-08T19:48:26+01:00

Yes of course; you can order it in our webshop. Just search for a gift certificate

My article is damaged or broken2018-02-08T19:51:50+01:00

We will solve that as soon as possible.

Just received Did you buy your item less than 14 days ago? You return your item and we will refund you as soon as possible.

Been in the home for a long time Defects are there to be resolved. If your product is broken within the warranty period, take a picture of it and let us know; then we try to find a solution together.

Do I have a warranty on my items?2018-02-08T19:53:50+01:00

Of course! You can expect us and our manufacturers that the products are in good condition and continue to work as expected under normal use, so for which it is intended.

If it is not, we will naturally look for a good solution together with you. Depending on your item, we will arrange a repair or refund of the purchase amount.

I also have a nice idea myself2018-02-08T19:57:41+01:00

Cool! Share it with us. Maybe we will put it on the site.

What’s you view on Quality2018-02-13T18:27:11+01:00

We take Quality as number 1.

Can my order be packed?2018-02-13T18:31:25+01:00

Yes of course! This is indicated to you when ordering. You can also add a personal message here if you wish.

Do you also send abroad?2018-02-13T18:32:07+01:00

Oh yes! We try to send all over the world. Send us an e-mail if you want to know for sure, then we check whether it is possible and what the costs are.

How fast do you send?2018-02-13T18:32:45+01:00

We always try to send the same day; a little dependent on how late the order comes in.

How can I pay?2018-02-13T18:33:59+01:00
  • With money. Or gift cards. And whatever method you choose, you will pay
    safely anyway.
  • Postpay: with iDEAL or by transfer within 14 days after receipt of the
  • iDEAL: via the trusted online payment environment of your bank.
  • Credit card: the amount is reserved and only amortized after your item has
    been shipped.
  • Paypal
  • Bitoins; yes you can also pay with bitcoins 🙂
  • Gift certificate: add a discount code or gift card code at the ‘Pay’ step. You
    automatically see if you have to pay a residual amount
Can I return my purchased product?2018-02-15T04:21:45+01:00

Just received Did you buy your item less than 14 days ago? Ask us for the return and when you have received the confirmation with label from us, you will return your item. In original undamaged packaging so that we can make
someone else happy again. You do have to pay the shipping costs yourself if you send it. If everything is okay at the reception check, we will refund you the purchase price, without shipping costs, as soon as possible, or you will receive a credit if you prefer.

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